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Furniture for work – the art of working space

The life of a modern office without special furniture is impossible. It speaks volumes to the clients, partners, and guests of a company and creates the public image of the firm.


Office furniture

The combination of words «office furniture» embrace a wide range of furniture units: work and computer tables, armchairs and chairs for different purposes, cabinets, chests of drawers, bookshelves, and counters.

There are two main types of office furniture: for the director’s office and for the staff.


Director office furniture

Traditionally, the expensive furniture that is made from materials of high quality and has high-tech features belongs to the director office furniture category. Of course, there is no a boss office that doesn’t have a comfortable and stylish armchair as well as a solid table that as a rule is much bigger than the staff tables and have a weighty table top.

The main aim of such a kind of furniture is impressive and reliable appearance which is showed up in every detail, for example, in perfect quality of décor materials and fittings.


Staff furniture

In the same time staff furniture are chairs and computer tables, bookshelves as well as manager counters and other items. Usage comfort, placement versatility and compactness are the main requirements that are set up for this kind of furniture.

Business supposed to be a dynamical work that is why office furniture should to be mobile and quickly re-buildable (depending on the company and some employees goals). Mobile office dividers and modular design of tables and cabinets help to do it. Finally, staff furniture should be comfortable, stylish, and modern: it ought to tell to the employees about the respect of their employers.

Generally, both staff and director furniture have to be functional and of high quality; however it shouldn’t lose natural sophistication of style. Namely this kind of furniture is are produced by Creamondi.


Creamondi office furniture

Creamondi offers to place in offices sliding door wardrobes and wardrobe systems.

So, sliding door wardrobes placed in office help to organize correctly the storage of outerwear and personals, save employees from worry about their belongings. Furthermore the visitors of equipped in such a way office don’t have to «admire» the unpleasant sight of boots placed along a wall and jackets or coats with mud splash hems. In addition, a good sliding door wardrobe is of use for documentation storage and archives organization. In order to achieve this aim a wardrobe system may be created in the office: it can be transformed in a functional bookstand or an useful document cabinet.

Office sliding door wardrobes and wardrobe systems created by Creamondi from famous-branded materials is not only the furniture — it is long-term investment and a signature piece of the company telling about its success and prosperity.

You want to find out that sliding door wardrobe is the best for your office, don’t you? Then use the constructor that is aimed to create the project of your wardrobe, permits to chose its size, materials and color gamma, to find out the cost of created construction and to send a request to us. In order to get information about the Creamondi furniture contract conclusion, design, delivery, assembly and warranty, switch to the section “Ordering information”.