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Furniture and interior style

The 21st century people who lived a part of their life in the houses built by the only pattern were surrounded by the standard furniture with no distinct features. That is why nowadays they are quite more demanding on the design of their homes. Now an affordable price is not the main criterion of the furniture choice — people pay more attention to the beauty, style and correspondence to the fashion trends. Indeed, the furniture in the apartment not only hides in its depths clothes, but creates the atmosphere in the house and even sets the way of life for its inhabitants.

Style influence

Style is the status symbol of a home master, is the reflection of his interests and even the character. A person who is fond of Indian dances decorates his wardrobes with paintings and silk tassels, but a sportsman chooses light and ascetic interior.

Furthermore the style of a home is a spirit moving — psychologists advise us to redecorate the house when our life demands something new; at the same time a messy apartment puts pressure on its owner, impeding progress and moral growth.

That is why there is nothing surprising that despite of the large product range in furniture stores we are often dissatisfied by their offers for different reasons — unsuitable models, colour or size. The displeasure is not a whim. This is the wish to approve ourselves, making our home look differently from others.

Style instruments

Furniture style is built by the form, the color of a product and the materials it is made. The "appearance" of furniture depends on these three components — they make it similar with the items of previous times (ex. Classicism or Empire) or innovative science and technology of our century.

Lets discus that instruments of the style, that are responsible for the furniture face.


A front is the face area of furniture. For example, wardrobe doors, foreparts of drawers, etc. Virtually, it is the part of furniture that primarily forms its exterior, architectural concept and also executes a lot of practical functions.

It may be said without exaggeration that the exterior appearance of furniture depends exactly on the type of the front finishing. There are several types. The first variant is a combination of MDF or aluminum frame and decorative panel. The second type is a single decorative panel made from the original material, for example, Formica laminate.

Face fittings

It should seem that furniture knobs and pulls are so ordinary that don’t worth talking about. However these details plays an important role for the whole interior. Sometimes they work the furniture up, transform it into an united ensemble, but also they can form a style of entire furniture composition. This little detail is called by experts "face fittings" and means so much for an apartment.

Especially the facts described above regard SIRO knobs and pulls, because unusual forms and materials of fittings in the product range of this brand is simply amazing.

If you want to create a new interpretation of "stylish furniture" concept and to make the design of your home worthy of the pages of a glossy magazine, you need a trustful assistant. Creamondi can play his role. We have all you need to make fashion furniture. These are modern décor materials, original fittings and the wish to create beautiful things of high quality.

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