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Formica High Gloss AR+ fronts

We has already got accustomed to use in our homes moderm machinery and «intelligent» tech. Why not to use the newest materials such as AR+ series laminate of Formica brand.

Fashion for gloss

Glossy surfaces used as a part of interior decoration is vogue. But it is very uncomfortable to varnish painted boards, because this process demands the place where is no dust at all. To find such a place is rather hard, to get a good result is hard too, because often varnished surfaces are afraid of scratches and other mechanic damages. So, a good alternative variant is the using of High Gloss HPL laminate High Gloss, because it is the material of high quality and has a wide range of tints which play with happy gloss shining.


AR+ means abrasion resistant. The technology of manufacturing the gloss panels, which posses this feature, win awards (including the price at the Cologne fair in 2007 year) and is considered by LGA (German institute of quality testing) as the most resistant to mechanical damages material at the market according to the independent tests which were taken.

AR+ panels using

Due to the enhanced abrasion-resistant of AR+ panels, such horizontal surfaces as table-tops, chair sittings, working areas at the kitchens can be finished by this laminate. But the best way to open the design potential of High Gloss boards is to use it for the furniture fronts finish. A wide range of the material colours is favorable for this.

Colours palette

Formicа AR+ colours palette consists of a lot tints. They are cold white, tender floral, juicy cheerful hues which open a variety of creative possibilities. With their help you can create the unique design of interior or stylish furniture fronts which glitter with gloss and colour fullness, remaining vogue for a long period of time.

The basic features of decorative AR+ materials are the following ones — unique texture, deep and saturated colours, impact-resistance, ecological safety. These characteristics have become the reasons of their popularity for stylish office and home furniture manufacturing.

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