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Possibilities for stores and building materials markets

Creamondi offers mutually beneficial cooperation to the furniture stores and building materials markets in the domain of sliding door wardrobes and kitchens manufacturing as well as Ventura concept® wardrobe systems sale.


Creamondi offer to furniture stores

You own a furniture store but there are no manufacturing capabilities belonging to you, are there? Your squeamish customers always demand something new, are they? We can help you and produce exclusive models of sliding door wardrobes and kitchens.

The virtual constructors were created in order to make your collaboration more efficient; with their help your clients will be able to develop a design-project of a wardrobe or a kitchen exactly in your store.

So, with the help of kitchen constructor the clients will be able to choose necessary furniture configuration and fronts. This tool by himself counts the price of the created construction and passes the request to us. The furniture produced on the basis of customer’s project will appear in his kitchen in just 7 working days.

The collaboration possibilities in the sphere of sliding door wardrobes production are much wider. Besides the creation of virtual projects and on-line requests we can propose to your store the samples of Creamondi sliding door wardrobes and systems. Thus your clients will be able not only to draw a wardrobe and learn its price but to get behind the quality of materials and construction safety of our furniture.


Creamondi offer to building materials markets

Surely you will be interested in Ventura concept® mobile wardrobe systems. This is the dynamic set of aluminum support ways and shelves; one doesn’t need to be a fitter in order to assemble and adjust it.

VENTURA concept® systems сare built from the units which are developed for the most widespread needs. They can be easily fitted in a little utility room or recess can be used for audio-video shelves decoration, storage of clothes in the bedroom or hall as well as the library and office bookstands or boutique showcases creation.

The process of VENTURA concept® wardrobe systems sale is clearly organized and have several stages:

  • You choose the necessary elements of construction.
  • Order them in our company.
  • Take them from our stock.

If you contact us, you will get more information about our offer. Also you can make a request in order to get information about our promotions, discounts and novelties.