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There are a lot of materials in our range of decorative items, which can help you to carry out the most risky ideas in the sphere of furniture decoration and the exclusive interior finish.

We receive the décors from our exclusive suppliers from Poland and Austria. Due to this fact these materials don’t have analogs at the Moldavian market. But we can help you to purchase them.

We offer you for the work:

Wicker based furniture boars

Rattanprestige® furniture boars which are manufactured from exotic materials are able to adorn any kind of furniture. Their durability and attractive color gamma add to the interior comfort and nature harmony. The sheet size is 900×2700×10 mm.


Rattan is made from flexible lianas of rattan palm. It is very durable and can withstand a 700-kilo load.

Boards produced from this material can be useful for house furniture production. For example, a wardrobe decorated with rattan boards brings the house about natural beauty, but the quality of the material permits the wardrobe owners to use it for many years.


Bamboo is a tree herb. Due to the tropical origin its peculiarities are hardness and humidity resistance; that is why bamboo boards are recommended to be used in the rooms where heightened humidity is and the insects can appear.

The combination of bamboo with other decorating materials (mirror, glass, plastic) gives to the furniture inimitable exotic but urbanistic colour.


LOOM is a material produced by wickering natural and artificial fibres. It is stylish, easy-to-use and durable but cheaper that other wicker-based products.

Decorative LOOM insets match the design almost any king of cabinet or built-in furniture.

All these materials create a peculiar style of a room, giving to it the atmosphere of peace and serenity.

Acryl panels covered with natural wood veneer

The innovation of Rattanprestige® is acryl panels covered with natural wood veneer. This décor is very interesting but due to its novelty not trite one. It perfectly fits for the sliding door wardrobes and other furniture doors decorating. It is produced in such a way. The thin layers of high-quality fine wood are glued on the sheets of acryl (light, flexible but durable polymeric material). Such panels feel themselves good in any room firmly withstand temperature difference and even humidity.

Due to the fact that only experienced furniture maker can distinguish outwardly real wood from wood veneer, furniture decorated with such a material looks solidly but “airily“ (because of acryl transparence).


Styrene sheets of decorative plastic “freshen” the interior up and give the character of individuality to any kind of furniture. One of the most famous manufacturers of this material is Austrian company SIBU Design®, whose model range is full of bright colors and unusual structures:

Deco-line panels are smooth plastic sheets. Their surface imitates the sheets of metal, wood and mirror.

SIBU Multistyle is a series of glue-based mosaic plastic panels. They consist of cells or stripes and are very flexible; that is why this material can be used for decorating not only flat but curvilinear surfaces.

SIBU Structure-line is a series of plastic panels which became relief because of temperature processing. It is simply irreplaceable for the cabinet furniture and sliding door wardrobe front decoration.

Punch-line series SIBU panels is smooth plastic sheets which have round or square perforations of different size. This material usually is used together with semitransparent colored film or illumination; this permits to manage the striking effects in furniture and interior design.

Punch-line 3D is plastic sheets which is made with the help of special SIBU technology. Firstly Punch-line series sheets are joined with a synthetic film. Secondly this film is squeezed out the panels’ perforations. The appeared saliencies create 3D-effect.

The size of plastic sheets is 1000×2800×1/2 mm.

The usage of this material is wide and diverse. It can help in filling doors of wardrobe or cupboard, making an up-and-over ceiling, decorating a bar or a column. Every item that is decorated with plastic is fashionable, stylish and festive.

Artificial leather

Generally on the occasion in the decoration of leather furniture acquire inimitable individuality and interesting texture. Leather brings the spirit of luxury and create the atmosphere of special warmth. Realizing it, the designers of SIBU Design® company has developed décor panels which consist of artificial leather and break-resistant plastic combination. The size of its sheets is 1000×2800×1/2 mm.

These panels have wide color gamma and various textures, but their special thrill is the possibility of combination with other materials. This enables to create uncommon interior decoration.

Are you interested in the described Rattanprestige® and SIBU Design® materials? Contact us and we will organize for you the purchasing.

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