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Frameworks and back walls


Frameworks of sliding door wardrobes

Frameworks of the wardrobes are made from the wood chipboard of 18 mm base thickness. These are wood-particle boards with the main advantage of solidity not worse than the one of wood. Kronopol and Egger boards used by Creamondi are of the best quality; they are polished, neither scratched, nor subject to other mechanical defects and spots. Creamondi handles the main disadvantage of the wood chipboard that is harmful formaldehyde pitch emission by processing the end of the boards with MAAG-Polska® PVC (polyvinylchloride) facing edge. This is ergonomic, functional, and ecologically safe edge material that doesn’t deform or grows dim (protection level H7). This material is presented in variety of colours and sizes (0.6 to 2 mm thickness, 22 to 42 mm width).


Back walls

A fiberboard covered with laminated plastic is used as back walls material by Creamondi. The cover represents a great variety of textures of tree breeds (oak, pine-tree, cherry-tree, beech etc.), types of stone (marble, granite, etc.) and daring colouring which will definitely fit in any wardrobe stylish decoration.

Order the wardrobe the framework and back walls of which are made of this kind of solid materials and you will get a durable and useful wardrobe that will serve to you for years.