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Aluminum frame fronts

Modern technologies change and develop; new household appliances, audio and video equipment demand the corresponding surroundings. So, you would not put a new extrawide plasma home-theatre on the chest of drawers of your grandma, becouse it demans a modern rest, for example, in hi-tech style.

A concept of furniture in modern style

The hi-tech style brings up an association with design novelties and fresh ideas. Probably because its lightness, airiness, strict lines and variety of colours the designers from all over the world give preference especially to it recently. Due to the fact that aluminum has all listed characteristics too, this metal became the base of the style of high technology.

Aluminum front is an entire trend of furniture in the modern style. The fronts that are made from aluminum are as durable as light and lovely; and what is more, they can be combined with almost any materials. Aluminum frame fronts have simple and clear lines and don't have prominent acute angles. They don't need any adornments — the fronts are so elegant that an additional décor except of filling materials will look simply odd. But the range of filling materials is very large.

Plastic and leather panels SIBU

Such features as artificial materials, unusual shapes and colours and at the same time aluminum use are the base of hi-tech interior style; the often used décors are plastics and leather SIBU panels.

The material that probably makes the best combination with metallic gloss of anodized aluminum is plastics because of its bright colours and unusual structures — relief, smooth, wood and mirror imitating ones.

In the same time you can soften the asceticism of metal frames and their excessively industrial appearance with the artificial leather. Appearance in the interior design of such SIBU brand models as FLORAL panels, which have gold or silver impression, Leguan Gold, imitating the iguana leather, add the atmosphere of luxury and warmth. This effect is harmonically balanced with cold aluminum gloss.


Also the popular "partner" of aluminum frames is glass, but the glass shouldn't be simple transparent, lacomat and lacobel are the best variants.

Lacobel is the glass coated on one side with a paint. Due to this finish light softly and evenly spreads over the surface. This opaque material has glossy tint and differs by colours contrast. Appearing in the front finish, it makes the furniture exterior very unusual but the whole interior fresh and airy.

In the same time one side of lacomat is varnished that is why this glass provides more privacy than other types. It make the furniture fronts refined and elegant and is highly resistant to stains on the varnish side, especially fingerprints.

So, the front that combine aluminum frames with glass décor is a bright aesthetic detail in the interior which features are strict lines and mysterious reflection of glass surface in the soft metal gloss.

The frame fronts look well if they are combined with fashionable wicker based panels made from rattan, bamboo, and LOOM, chipboards of bright colours and tender tints, as well as glossy or structured HPL Formica. However despite of the variant of aluminum frames filling that have been chosen, they can easily help to create or emphasize the hi-tech style in the apartment.

If you have decided to buy a kitchen, bedroom, living-room set or any other type of furniture in the hi-tech style, contact us and we will create fashionable and stylish furniture for you.

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