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MDF frames as a new insight in always up-to-day classic style

At all times prim, but at the same time elegant, the wood-finished furniture have had a lot of admirers. It belongs to the happy medium style that is situated out of the fashion and time. Its name is classics.


Classical style features

The strict observation of proportion and harmony principles are the main features of this furniture style. Classics can be easily recognized by the austere decorative elements and the frame fronts, which are made from wood or wood imitating materials.

Wood was a single furniture material in days gone by, in times when hi-tech alloys have not been created yet and aluminum or plastics were not used in furniture manufacturing. The frames for windows, the fronts frames for wardrobes, cupboards and chests of drawers were made just from it. Nowadays such hi-tech materials as MDF replace natural undurable timber that is afraid of water and change its color under the sun.


MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) is a polished panel made from the tree-wool. It is finished by synthetic fixing substances and is hot-pressed.

The MDF surface is carefully processed in order to make it look like natural wood. The surface is covered by the melamine resin-impregnated paper sheets or the wood veneer. This process not only have influence on the fiberboard decorative effects but transform it into moisture-proof and deformation resistant material of high-density that in the same time is very flexible. Various types of frames can be "bent" from MDF.

There are other advantages of MDF in comparison with timber. The fiberboards are durable and have smooth texture without any cavities and knars.


Filling of MDF frames fronts

Wicker based furniture boards

Essentially MDF frames fronts can be filled by any material. The best variant of such a front decoration is probably the rattan, bamboo, and LOOM boards. Firstly, the combination of these materials is very good due to the compatibility of colours and textures. The smooth "woodу" surface of MDF frames harmonizes with natural structures and hues of wicker based panels. This duet calls up the thoughts about wildlife, salted sea, light breeze, and creates the elegant, fresh colonial style.

Chipboard filling

The combination of the MDF frame with the chipboard is a good variant also. Although the chipboard is traditional material in furniture manufacturing, they can not be called trite.


The modern chipboard — is a pressed laminated tree-wool panels. They are covered with a shockproof lamina that is impact-resistant and isn't afraid of mechanical damage.

The chipboards have various colours and textures of the surface due to the modern finish. These are phantasy colourings, many-coloured surfaces, and the boards imitating fine wood.

In general, why not filling the fronts with leather, plastics, glass, and mirror.

Thus with the help of the MDF frame fronts you can create the furniture in the style of quiet continental design or can reproduce the atmosphere of old England in your home (the peculiarities of the furniture design of that period are solid wardrobes and cupboards).

You can watch the photos of the projects of furniture decoration with MDF frame fronts that have been already carried out in the "Kitchen furniture" and "Home furniture" sections of the photogallery.