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Magic Stone series


The handles from Magic Stone collection of SIRO brand combine two types of plastics. The first one imitates the structure and the colour of a metal. The second one is a transparent and coloured plastic. A special appeal of the series is the fact that you can easily mix the last material up with a natural precious stone, for example, a glittering brilliant or a sapphire at the facet of which the tones of deep blue colour play.

Style and form

The shapes of Magic Stone handles are unusual too. They are smooth and due to their streamlining forms calls up the thoughts about the cars of future.

In general, the collection of handles creates the effect of airiness and lightness, irrespective of the form and the colour of the semitransparent plastics that is added the ensemble of the silver metal-imitation. Magic Stone models suits well the furniture in the hi-tech style.

Aluminum for
hi-tech style