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Wild Animals series

SIRO offers the collection named "Wild Animals" to the people that like hunting and safari or are fond of the spirit and the atmosphere of 18 century, when all the handles were made in the form of animals.

Materials and colours range

The models of door handles of this series are made from polyester plastics and have the wide range of colors — gold, antic bronze, silver and what is more elephant ivory. The experts of the brand managed to make the handle surface smooth and wax-like as a natural bone by touch and achieve its warm creamy colouring. Due to these effects pulls-tusks look like the real mammoth fangs, but the elephants heads seems to be turned manually from the expensive ivory material.

Creating effect

The handles of this series is rather massive. The length of the Wild Animals biggest model (it is the ivory-imitating tusk) is more that 25 cm; the figured knobs in the form of heads fit a palm of an adult man. These handles won’t melt into the door surface, but at the same time, won't look like insolent and vulgar accessories due to their uniqueness and the delicate colouring.