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Formica laminate: the original things are within the power of time

Most people that know nothing about furniture manufacturing think that laminate is an equivalent of parquet but the cheaper one or consider that it is the boards for the floor surfacing. They even don't suspect of the variety of functions it can fulfill. Laminate gives the freedom of creation if it is used for furniture surfaces finishing and, in the first place for furniture fronts design.

The way of HPL laminate Formicа manufacturing

HPL laminate of Formica brand is the material which have a lot of layers. The paper which is saturated with artificial resin is used for its manufacturing. The paper layers are pressed in the entire mass under the influence of temperature and high pressure.

The name of the material (HPL), that means high pressure laminate, was arisen because of this method. The decorative layers of HPL laminate surface are saturated by the melamine resin of thermal hardening. Due to the its features HPL is abrasion resistant, impact-proof, isn't afraid of high temperature and keeps the bright colours for a long time.

Long life of fashoinable colours

Theoretically HPL laminate serves for a long time and has extraordinary heat endurance and water-proof features, it resist successfully to mechanical attacks. But the materials in the Formicа range of goods are not only of high quality; they are so different that you can choose from a great number of fashionable colours and structures of the surface. HPL models are protected from discolouration; they stand the heat of a smoulder cigarette, splashes of boiling water, that is why they can be used for the furniture finish and interior decoration in any room: kitchen, bathroom, living-room, hall, and nursery room.

Formica collections

The most stylish and original series of Formica laminate:

High Gloss AR+ panels

High Gloss AR+ panels

have glittering surface that reflects the light and adds to the interior freshness, liveliness and originality.

Relief structures of Sculpted series

Relief structures of Sculpted series

become the main detail of the interior. Also they can supplement other tones and textures in order to create incredible colour and texture combinations.

Panels from Woods and Veneer ranges

Panels from Woods and Veneer ranges

look like the natural wood; only a professional furniture-maker manages to notice their difference from timber.