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Wooden Formica series: quality for years to come

In the collection of Formica brand a special place is occupied by the entire range of HPL laminate that reproduce the characteristics of natural materials. There is a wooden series named Woods and Veneer among them. Because of their features such as durability and lovely appearance the laminate panels can be used in a wide range of application possibilities. In the first place it is the furniture fronts finish.

Formica Veneer

Formica Veneer collection is the combination of HPL laminate with a thin veneer sheet. The laminated panels are covered with a layer of a fine wood. It can be the clear maple, which has such features as classical lines of the radial cutoff, or mahogany, wenge, and zebrano, which are the symbols of exclusiveness and luxury because of their rich texture and amazing colouring.

Formica Veneer materials have two types of surface. The first is a glittering polyurethane one; it is colourless and durable and emphasizes the tint and tracery of the veer sheet. The second is wax matte one; it makes the laminate to look naturally and bears a strong resemblance to natural wood by touch.

These are several variants of colours from Veneer collection:

Zabri Wood





Woods collection

Woods series is the HPL laminate that looks like a stylish and expensive wood. The wood structure is printed on the material; it reproduces all the details, for example, rings, veins, pores. However due to the features of the high pressure laminate the materials from Woods series, owing the colouring of a natural wood, in the same time don’t have its disadvantages. They wouldn’t swell because of water, their tracery wouldn’t become obliterated by age, the colour wouldn’t change because of sunlight.

The samples from the Woods color gamma


Clear Maple

Weser Birch


Box Maple

HPL Formica laminate vs chipboard

Wooden series of Formica brand is the main competitors of chipboards, but the last ones (which are traditionally used in furniture-making) cannot hold a candle to the laminate because of several reasons. Notably Veneer and Woods collections imitate the natural wood much more succesfully that chipboards, which are made by mixing sawdust with glue, pressing and polishing. In addition, Formica laminate is more impact-resistant than chipboards, which are not notable for the durability. Also the abrasion protection of Veneer and Woods panels amounts to approximately 100%. That is why they serve longer.

Thus, the series imitating the wood consist of the materials which save the delicate natural sensations, give enough rope for creativity, guarantee the durability, and provide all the decorating items (it may be a kitchen or an office wardrobe with an elegant appearance.

Other series of HPL Formica laminate: